Thumb Screws

We have many years of experience in the production of customized quality Thumb Screws. Ningbo Frienden Precision Components Co., Ltd specializes in the processing and manufacturing of fasteners, including thumb screws and other products. We have advanced production equipment and professional product quality testing and control capabilities to ensure high quality and low price products for customers.In addition to this, we can also customize products in various material sizes. 

Thumb Screws are one-piece screws with a larger flat head, with or without a shoulder, and external machine threads. They are designed to turn using finger pressure - no special drivers or wrenches are required. Thumb Screws are used when frequent adjustments or disassembly are required and the amount of torque generated by finger pressure is sufficient to tighten and loosen. 

Thumb Screws are made of high quality carbon steel with good hardness, strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance; it is a fastening fitting that can be used for a long time and can be reused in most places for different purposes. Thumb Screws have an easy-to-grip head for non-slip control adjustment. 

Like all kinds of general-purpose screws, Thumb Screws are widely used in household and office appliances, communication equipment and other mechanical industries. Because of the corrosion resistance of the material, Thumb Screws are also suitable for fastening most machinery and equipment, including marine environments and chemical processing plants. Thumb Screws has an important role in the industry.
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  • The biggest feature of Thread Slotted Thumb Screw is simple operation and convenient installation. Grip Knob Thumbscrew screw-in design for more comfortable holding and storage. As a domestic manufacturer of precision fasteners, our company can guarantee excellent quality and low price because we are a direct manufacturer. Looking forward to your choice.

We can provide sturdy Thumb Screws made from our factory in China. Known as one of the most famous suppliers and manufacturers, Ningbo Frienden Precision Components Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers high quality and durable Thumb Screws that you can buy at low price. Our Factory Directly Supply products can also be customizde. We are a big company with many years of production and operation experience. Quotations are also available.