SMD Nuts

Our Latest Selling Customized SMD Nuts Made in China are your best choice!
Ningbo Frienden Precision Components Co., Ltd is a factory located in China that produces precision fasteners and is a manufacturer and supplier of SMD nuts. We have introduced advanced production equipment and have perfect product quality inspection and control capabilities. To ensure to provide customers with high-quality products and thoughtful service.  
As a surface mount product, SMD Nuts can be mounted to the board using the same SMT equipment as the board fill, reducing scrap and handling time while minimizing the risk of using traditional mount products on a PCB Damaged PCB. SMD Nuts have high density, small size and light weight. 
SMD Nuts are manufactured from tin-plated steel sheet for easy reflow soldering, ensuring reliable solder joints. Tin mainly plays a role in preventing corrosion and rust. SMD Nuts combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic appearance of tin, resulting in products with corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility. 
SMD Nuts patch nuts are parts that tightly connect mechanical equipment. The overall surface is smooth and bright. The products are widely used in various industries such as electronics, hardware, medical care, sports equipment, etc. 

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  • Prior to the automated reflow soldering process, SMD Solder Nuts were mounted on PC boards in the same manner and simultaneously as other surface mount components. Our company also produces other precision fasteners of different types and materials in China. First of all, our price is excellent, and secondly, the quality is guaranteed.

  • Tinned SMD Nuts are very simple, round brackets coated in tin. Besides, our company also produces other precision fasteners of different types and materials. Our company is located in China and focuses on the manufacture and processing of precision fasteners. We always adhere to the principle of high quality and low price. We hope to establish a close partnership with you.

We can provide sturdy SMD Nuts made from our factory in China. Known as one of the most famous suppliers and manufacturers, Ningbo Frienden Precision Components Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers high quality and durable SMD Nuts that you can buy at low price. Our Factory Directly Supply products can also be customizde. We are a big company with many years of production and operation experience. Quotations are also available.